Enphase Microinverters

Outback Solar offers Enphase Microinverters for customers who want to have complete control over their system as each solar panel has its own microinverter, as opposed to a single inverter. The Advantages of such as setup is that if a system with a single unit inverter fails, energy production immediately stops. Where as with 1 microinverter per solar panel, energy production continues even if a microinverter fails.

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Enphase IQ8HC Microinverter

Enphase Micro Inverter

Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact with plug-n-play connectors
  • Power Line Communication (PLC) between components
  • Faster installation with simple two-wire cabling
  • Produce power even when the grid is down when paired with the Enphase IQ Battery 5P and IQ System Controller 3 INT
  • More than one million cumulative hours of testing
  • Class II double-insulated enclosure
  • Optimised for the latest high-powered PV modules
  • Complies with the latest advanced grid support
  • Remote automatic updates for the latest grid requirements
  • Configurable to support a wide range of grid profiles

Microinverter Warranty

15 years from the Activation Date

IQ Gateway/Relay Warranty

5 years from the Warranty Start Date

Consumption CT Warranty

5 years from the Warranty Start Date