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Why Choose Outback Solar?

Personalised Experience

We Come out to see you

Established 2013

10+ Years Experience

Custom Solar Design

Free Proposal and Report

High Quality Inverters

10 Year Inverter Warranty

CEC Accredited Installers

10 Year Install Warranty

Premium Solar Panels

12 Year Panel Warranty

100% Local Australian Team

Sydney & NSW Based

Eco Friendly Company

Reducing carbon footprint

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Outback Solar, founded in 2013, is a company focused on solar installation services in NSW. Our expertise lies in designing and installing solar panels, inverters, and battery storage systems. Our passion is fueled by a commitment to energy independence and self-sufficiency. With a seasoned team and installers who are inspired by the rapid advancements in the solar industry, we aim to empower Australians to embrace clean, sustainable energy solutions. Whether you reside in the hustling city of Sydney or the regional areas of NSW, we’re dedicated to assisting residential homeowners and businesses in achieving energy independence.

Here's what you get with our Premium Solar and Battery Package

24x Solar Panels


Trina Solar Panel

1x Solar Hybrid Inverter

SUNGROW 8kW Hybrid Inverter 

1x Battery Storage

SUNGROW 9.6kWh Battery Storage 

Sungrow Battery




iSolarCloud Monitoring

Custom Design & Installation

By CEC Accredited Installer

Maintenance and Checks​

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Residential Solar Solutions

More Reasons to Choose Us...

A Decade-long History

Founded in 2013, in NSW, our vast experience surpasses many newer entrants in the solar industry.

Local Aussie Team

Every step, from consultation to installation, is handled by our dedicated local professionals and installers.

A Personal Touch

We prioritise in-person consultations to better understand the unqiue energy needs of your home or business.

Premium Solar

We handpick solar products that meet our strict criteria for excellence ensuring best performance.

Bespoke Designs

We craft bespoke custom solar systems, specific to the unique energy needs of your home or business.

Maintenance and Checks​


We keep an eye on your system's performance and provide quick issue resolution.

Our experienced team of solar panel installers will ensure your installation meets our strict criteria for excellence

Customer Reviews

What sets Outback Solar
apart from other companies

Our Difference

Outback Solar

Some Other Companies

Established in 2013

10+ Year's Experience

Australian Owned

100% Local Based Staff

On-Site Measure and Quote

Custom Solar Design & Report​


Premium Solar Products

Free Maintenance Check

All Costs Disclosed upfront

Our Approach: 6 Step Process

At Outback Solar, we’re more than just a solar provider; we’re your long-term partners in sustainable energy. Our personalised approach ensures that every step, from initial consultation to after sales and support, is customised to your needs. With a dedication to premium service, transparent pricing, and personal experience, we guide you in this solar process. Learn more about our tried-and-tested 6 Step process that has empowered many Australians to make the switch to solar.

  • 1. Consultation and Site Assessment

    We begin by understanding your unique energy needs, concerns, and goals. Our in-person consultation visit ensures that we capture the details of your energy consumption, and conduct a thorough site assessment so we can craft a solution that fits you perfectly.

  • 2. Bespoke System Design

    Based on the initial consultation and site assessment, our team creates a bespoke solar design tailored to your energy needs. We use hand-picked solar products that meet our strict criteria for quality and performance, ensuring a system that aligns with your goals.

  • 3. Transparent Proposal

    With your design in hand, we present a detailed proposal that outlines system specifications, expected energy savings, costings, and return on investment, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

  • 4. Professional Installation

    Our local, All Australian team of CEC qualified and accredited electricians will install your solar system with precision and care. After installation, we thoroughly test the system to ensure it's operating at peak efficiency and complies with all relevant regulations.

  • 5. Monitoring & Support

    Once your system is live, we initiate our 24/7 monitoring system to track your solar performance. With our rapid response service, any potential issues are quickly identified and resolved, providing you with peace of mind.

  • 6. Long-term Relationship

    Our relationship doesn't end after installation. We see every project as the start of a long-term partnership. Through continuous support and scheduled maintenance checks, we stay connected, ensuring your system consistently delivers its best. Together, we'll navigate the journey of energy independence and contributing to a greener Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I opt for solar panel only or a full solar system solution including battery?

It depends on your energy needs and goals. While a solar-only system can reduce your reliance on the grid, adding a battery ensures you have power during outages and can store excess energy for later use. A full system solution offers more energy independence and greater savings in the long run.

Do I need to provide a copy of my electricity bill?

Yes, providing a copy of your electricity bill helps us understand your energy consumption pattern, ensuring we design a system that perfectly suits your needs.

How does Outback Solar create a solar solution for my home?

Outback Solar analyses your electricity bill, conducts a site assessment, and takes into account your energy goals to design a bespoke solar solution tailored just for you.

How long until I receive my custom solar design and quote?

Typically, you can expect your custom design and quote within 24 post the initial consultation.

Can I upgrade my system to produce more energy in the future?

Absolutely! Our systems are designed with scalability in mind. You can always choose to add more panels or batteries in the future.

Which side of my roof should i face my solar panels?

In Australia, north-facing panels get the most consistent sunlight throughout the day, making them more efficient in energy generation. However, placing panels on the east and west also has its advantages and depending on your  energy consumption patterns can be better in some cases.  

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