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Commercial Solar

Empower your business with Outback Solar's commercial solar panels, systems, and professional installation. Make a statement for your business by demonstrating sustainability, energy independence, and significant savings. With over a decade of expertise, our all-Australian team provides bespoke commercial solar solutions tailored to to meet your business's unique needs. Explore the advantages of our signature process, and get answers to pressing questions. Partner with Outback Solar to embark on a seamless transition to commercial solar energy and maximise savings.

Why make the switch to Commercial Solar ?

Financial Savings: Drastically reduce your energy bills and benefit from government incentives.

Environmental: Reduce carbon emissions and the carbon footprint of your business.

Sustainability Commitment: Show your stakeholders that you’re dedicated to a greener tomorrow.

Energy Independence: Reduce reliance on the grid, ensuring consistent energy supply, especially during peak hours.

Increase Value: Your Commercial Solar System Adds value to your premises.

Our 6-Step Commercial Solar Process

1. Site Assessment: Understand your energy needs firsthand and Evaluate your commercial solar premises for optimal solar panel positioning.

2. Custom Design: Create a tailored solar system design for maximum efficiency.

3. Transparent Quoting: Clear, upfront costs with no hidden charges.

4. Professional Installation: By our certified experts ensuring safety and quality.

5. Ongoing Support: Regular monitoring and maintenance for the lifetime of your system.

6. Long Term Relationship: We stay connected. Ensuring your system consistently delivers its best

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Solar

Typically, businesses see ROI within 3-5 years, depending on the cost, usage and system size.

Our in-person site assessment will determine the commercial solar potential of your premises.

Absolutely! There are various government incentives for businesses to go commercial solar, which we’ll guide you through.

The duration depends on the size of the system, but most commercial solar installations are completed within a week.

Our bespoke designs can be scaled or modified to accommodate evolving energy requirements.

Your system will be come with  24/7 monitoring, with regular reports and immediate alerts for any issues that may arise.

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Contact Outback Solar's Commercial Solar Team for the best experience. We offer our services to all businesses located in NSW.