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Why Us?

In a market filled with options, how do you find the right fit? Outback Solar, deeply rooted in Australia, stands out for its decade-long legacy, homegrown expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality. We offer a personal experience and crafted bespoke designs that empowers you to harness the sun's power. Find out the Top 6 reasons why you should choose Outback Solar for your energy needs:

A Decade-long History

Established in 2013, Outback Solar has been committed to bringing solar energy to your doorstep for over 10 years. While many solar providers have emerged in recent years, our decade-long legacy and homegrown expertise has seen the solar industry evolve and transform. Unlike newer entrants, our long standing history in the solar industry reflects our unwavering dedication to empower you to harness the sun's power and be energy independant.

A Decade-long History​

Local Australian Team

In an era where many solar companies delegate their operations and staff overseas, Outback Solar takes immense pride in our homegrown, all-Australian team. Every interaction with Outback Solar, from consultation to installation, is managed by our local professionals. This ensures a thorough understanding of local conditions and needs, guaranteeing you a seamless and authentic experience.

Assembling the Dream Team​

Crafted Bespoke Designs

Our approach to solar system design is tailored specifically to you. Your home or business energy needs are unique, and so should be your solar solution. At Outback Solar, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our team crafts bespoke solar designs tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings.

Residential Solar Solutions

A Personal Touch

At Outback Solar, we believe in the value of personal touch. Unlike competitors who rely on phone consultations from a distant, we prioritise face-to-face, in-home consultations. This approach allows us to understand our customer's individual needs, desires, and concerns. From consultation, through installation, to after-sales support, we ensure every step is tailored, transparent, and personal.

A Personal Touch​

Hand Picked Solar Products

Quality is non-negotiable. At Outback Solar, we don't offer entry level solar products like many competitors; we handpick solar products that meet our strict criteria for excellence. From trusted brands to innovative solutions, every component is vetted for durability, efficiency and performance, ensuring that your solar system performs at its best, year in, year out.

Sungrow Inverter and Battery

24 Hour Monitoring and Rapid Response

Solar power isn't just a one-time installation; it's an ongoing relationship. With our 24-hour monitoring and rapid response service, we keep an eye on your system's performance around the clock. If any issue arises, we're on it, providing quick, efficient solutions, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximum peace of mind. It's our commitment to you and your energy independence.

24 Hour Monitoring and Rapid Response​

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