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Outback Solar's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about solar and our services? Dive into our frequently asked questions to find clear answers and insights. Our FAQ page offers clarity, ensuring you're well-informed every step of the way with Outback Solar

Site Assessment and Design

It depends on your energy needs and goals. While a solar-only system can reduce your reliance on the grid, adding a battery ensures you have power during outages and can store excess energy for later use. A full system solution offers more energy independence and greater savings in the long run.

Yes, providing a copy of your electricity bill helps us understand your energy consumption pattern, ensuring we design a system that perfectly suits your needs.

Outback Solar analyses your electricity bill, conducts a site assessment, and takes into account your energy goals to design a bespoke solar solution tailored just for you.

Typically, you can expect your custom design and quote within 24 post the initial consultation.

Absolutely! Our systems are designed with scalability in mind. You can always choose to add more panels or batteries in the future.

In Australia, north-facing panels get the most consistent sunlight throughout the day, making them more efficient in energy generation. However, placing panels on the east and west also has its advantages and depending on your  energy consumption patterns can be better in some cases.  

Solar will significantly reduce, or in some cases eliminate, your electricity bill, depending on your system size and energy consumption.

Our installations are done carefully to ensure minimal impact on your roof and gutters. It would be good to have spare roof tiles in case some do break during the installation. Our team will ensure damages are rectified prior to leaving the site. 

Most solar installations in Australia don’t require council approval. However, it’s always good to check with your local council, especially for larger installations or if you’re in a heritage-listed property.


Simply visit our website or contact our sales team directly to initiate the ordering process.

For all job-related queries, reach out to your Solar Consultant or Account Manager assigned to you.

For all job-related queries, reach out to your Solar Consultant or Account Manager assigned to you.

Yes, adjustments can be made before the installation process begins. However, this might affect the final pricing and installation timeline.

Yes, you can cancel your order within a specific period after placing it. Please refer to our cancellation policy for details.

Cost, Payment, and Incentives

The price is based on the system size, equipment selected, and installation complexities. We provide a detailed breakdown in our quotes.

Our quotes are comprehensive. However, if unforeseen site complexities arise during installation, we’ll discuss any potential changes with you.

Often, we will claim the available rebates and incentives, and provide you with a point of sale discount at the point of order. We’ll handle the paperwork for you.

An initial deposit is required upon ordering. The balance is due upon completion of the installation.

We accept bank transfers, credit cards, and offer various financing options.


Once your order is confirmed and design approved, our team will reach out to schedule a convenient installation date, typically within 2-4 weeks.

Ensure easy access to your roof and the main electrical panel. Remove any obstacles or fragile items from way. If your roof is tiled, ensure you have spare tiles available prior to the install date.

Panels are typically installed on the north-facing side of the roof. The exact placement is determined during the design phase to maximise sunlight exposure in a way that matches your energy consumption patterns.

While not mandatory, it’s beneficial if you’re available, especially at the start and end of the installation.

Most residential installations are completed within 1 day, depending on the system size and site complexities.

Commercial installations will take longer.


Depending on the area you live, some jobs require a mandatory inspection after installation is complete, an independent inspector will evaluate the system, typically within a week or two. 

System Activation and Maintenance

Following inspection and approval, your system can usually be activated within a day or two.

In some states, where an inspection is not required, this process can be expedited.

Depending on the equipment ordered, you can monitor your system’s performance in real-time; either off the device or via an app.

Contact our customer support immediately. We offer comprehensive warranties and will address any system-related issues promptly.

Regular rainfall usually keeps panels clean. However, it’s good to inspect them bi-annually and clean if needed to ensure peak efficiency.

We recommend a professional maintenance check every 6-12 months to ensure your system’s optimal performance.

Got a Question?

Contact Outback Solar if you have a question that you cannot find on this FAQs page or if you would like to book in a solar consultation