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Our Story

Established in 2013, over 10 years ago, in the heart of NSW, Outback Solar was born to bring solar energy to every sunlit corner of Australia. From the sun-soaked landscapes of the Outback to the bustling cities of Australia, our journey is to capture the power of the sun and bring it to your doorstep. Learn more about Outback Solar's story! Find out how we started, our 10 year decade long legacy and the future ahead.

Birth of an Idea

In 2013, nestled in NSW, an idea was ignited - a dream to bring the boundless energy of the Australian sun to light up every home. We saw an untapped opportunity to provide every aussie, whether nestled in the vibrant heart of a city, embracing the coastal lifestyle, or dwelling in the vastness of the outback, access to clean renewable solar energy. Thus, Outback Solar was born.

Birth of an Idea​

Assembling the Dream Team

Early on, we recognised the importance of surrounding ourselves with the best in the business. Our team is a collective of industry professionals whose expertise spans multiple facets of the solar sector and beyond. Each member brings with them a rich tapestry of knowledge, having been seasoned through various roles and challenges across different organisations. This deliberate assembly wasn't just about skill but about ensuring that our team shared a collective commitment to lighting up every corner of Australia with Solar Energy.

Assembling the Dream Team​

A Focus on Independence

From the very beginning, we understood the Australian spirit of self-reliance. We strived to create solar solutions that empower individuals and businesses to become energy independent. We studied the landscapes of the unique needs of every customer, whether a suburban Aussie striving for a better tomorrow or an outback dweller in search of off-grid energy solution.

Installer on roof

Witness to a Revolution

In our journey since 2013, we witnessed the incredible revolution that has reshaped the industry. From the emergence of cutting-edge technologies to shifts in policies and practices, the landscape has evolved, and we've been there every step of the way, learning from past challenges, adapting, and absorbing the nuances that now define the best solar business practises. Our intimate understanding of these profound transformations equips us with the insight to address today's challenges and anticipate tomorrow's needs

Witness to a Revolution​

Partnerships and Community

Behind Outback Solar is a team with a rich history in the solar industry, experts driven by a shared purpose. But beyond that, we've always believed in the power of community. By forging strong partnerships and collaborations, we’ve ensured that our reach extends even to the most remote corners, staying true to our initial vision.

Partnerships and Community​

The Road Ahead

While we take pride in our journey so far, the road ahead is long and promising. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to our goal: to bring the power of the sun to every corner of our sun-kissed nation, connecting, empowering and growing.

The Road Ahead​

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