Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics is an Australian company founded in 2013 by passionate solar experts, and are now Australia’s leading solar software company.

They are a team of dedicated professionals that is made up of solar industry pioneers, Photovoltaic Engineers, PhDs, MBAs, Software Developers, Data Scientists, Designers, Solar Technicians and more. Together they have more than 100 years of solar experience.

Solar Analytics Monitor from Outback Solar


Key Features

Savings Analysis
Watch your solar savings grow with the most accurate savings calculations and track your payback.

Energy Insights
Understand when you produce and use energy so you can shift your electricity usage and make the most of your solar

True Performance Monitoring
Make sure your solar is performing at 100%, and if it’s not, our solar performance management tool will let you know.


5 year warranty


3G / 4G / WiFi / Ethernet


Subscription starts from $5.99/month