About the Name Outback Solar

Our Name

Dive deeper as we explore the elements behind our name Outback Solar, and 6 core principles and values, reflecting our promise to bring reliable, premium quality solar solutions to homes and businesses across NSW

True Aussie Roots

At the heart of our name, "Outback" is a tribute to Australia's iconic regions and lifestyle – a region that embodies freedom, adventure, and the great outdoors. Just as the outback is an integral part of our Australian identity, we aim to integrate solar power seamlessly into every Aussie home and business.

True Aussie Roots​

Harnessing the Sun

The outback is blessed with some of the highest solar irradiance levels in the world. Our name stands as a testament to harnessing this immense potential, turning abundant sunlight into clean energy for everyday Australians.

Harnessing the Sun​

Rugged and Reliable

The term "outback" evokes strength, resilience, and an ability to thrive in harsh conditions. This reflects our commitment to delivering solar solutions that are as durable and designed to stand firm no matter the challenge.

Rugged and Reliable​

Independence and Self-Sufficiency

The Outback is often associated with independence, a life less dependent on the external due to its remote and isolated nature. Our name, "Outback Solar," reflects our pledge to deliver solar solutions that empower our customers with greater energy autonomy and self-reliance at its best.

Independence and Self-Sufficiency​

Innovation Inspired by Nature

The outback has been a place of discovery, growth, and progress throughout Australia's history. Our name, "Outback Solar" represents our dedication to innovative design in our solar systems. We draw from nature's wisdom to create solutions tailored to the energy demands of today's Australians.

Innovation Inspired by Nature​

Empowering Communities

The outback, despite its vastness, thrives on the principle of community and interconnection.Similarly, our name 'Outback Solar' reflects our belief in empowering local communities, and working collaboratively with our customers in delivering solar solutions that enable them to become more self-reliant

Empowering Communities​

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